Pooled Income Fund: FAQs​
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          Pooled Income Fund: FAQs

          How is a Pooled Income Fund invested?Layer Closed

          A Pooled Income Fund is invested to produce a reasonable income for all income beneficiaries who own units (or shares) in the fund. It works much like a mutual fund whereby a donor invests in the fund and the dollars invested by all the donors are pooled and invested in a common fund to produce income for all income beneficiaries depending on the number of units (or shares) they own in the fund.

          Can I make future gifts to my pooled income account?Layer Closed

          Absolutely! You can make additional contributions to your pooled income account at any time, and thereby increase the number of units you own in the fund, which will increase your income.

          It is better to give cash or appreciated securities?Layer Closed

          Gifts of cash or securities to a Pooled Income Fund produce the same result as to the income and charitable deductions you will receive. However, gifts of appreciated securities have the additional benefit of avoiding capital gains taxes.


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